lets create 

something together.
believe. try. laugh. 

and never forget   

about the magic  of life.

Couple words about me

Born in 1992 in Innsbruck. Got my degree in tourism management after 5 years in boarding school. Went around the world during and after tourism school to work in the hotel industry. Ireland, Australia, Florida. Came back and graduated drama school in Vienna in 2015. Worked in the marketing sector of a hotel and went to film castings. Made films in and for the hotel. Left in 2018 and applied at the university of applied sciences to study film. Worked at a television studio for a summer. Currently studding film at the university of applied sciences in Salzburg. Writing, directing and producing. Just being happy finally working in the film industry.

conceptions. advertising.lyric. scripts.  WRITING.  
PRODUCING.  pre, post and on set 

shortfilm & music video - classic. DIRECTING.  

ACTING.  having fun to play

showreel 2019
a short reel about favourite projects produced in 2019


directing. producing. acting.


writing. producing. directing. acting.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Smile, take care and feel the magic.



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